Boleros, Veils, Hair Decorations

Wedding accessories:

They should complete bride's appearance They follow wedding dress choice and Naïve salon can offer you:

  • Wedding boleros
  • Fashion jewelry
  • Weils, wreaths, headbands and diadems
  • Hats, net gloves
  • Shoes, handbags, purses,
  • Garter, stocking
  • Jackets, boleros, scarfs
  • Long winter coats, pelerines


Jackets and boleros:

For summer season, you can choose from our boleros, short summer jackets, long jackets, jackets with collars and fur and with a long train.

During cold weather, especially in winter, we have long winter jackets, wraps and velvet pelerines in perfectly matching colors.

Groom and his wedding suit:

The groom usually wears a classical black suit with a white shirt and a bow tie, special tie or a scarf. A new trend for grooms is a casual dress or other clothes than a typical black suit - a white suit, matched with the bride's one, is suitable for a summer ceremony; shades of gray or beige are popular too. If you don't want experiment a lot we have a simple hint for you: to accompany a black suit, take a vest in a different, suitable color, or in the same color but made of a shiny material.