Wedding Ceremony at Slavkov Chateau

Wedding ceremonies at Slavkov-Austerlitz Chateau, turnkey weddings 
Looking for a wedding ceremony at a romantic place? Don't hesitate and choose from available dates, from 1o:oo - 15:oo.

Places for your wedding ceremony at Slavkov-Austerlitz Chateau

  • Zámecká kaple Sv. Kříže (St.Cross Chapel)
  • Divadelní sál (Theatre)
  • Historický sál (Hall of History)
  • Rubensův sál (Ruben's Hall)
  • Zámecká zahrada (Chateau Gardens)
  • Zámecké nádvoří (Chateau Courtyard)

For 3,500 Kč (EUR 140), our agency can arrange decorations for the Chateau HERE:

  • preparing the deal, date and time booking
  • dealing the documents with the wedding registrar
  • decorating the premises / chair covers, white table cloth, voile, flower stand with roses or lilies, carpet with the color of your choice
  • setting the stuff up and taking it apart
Highly impressive premises of Slavkov-Austerlitz Chateau can be also used for your wedding reception. For this purpose, you can use Chateau gardens and several rooms inside the Chateau, including the sumptuous Hall of History.