Restaurants / Accommodation

For your wedding reception, you can choose a pleasant and cosy restaurant or a romantic hotel where you will spend your wedding night. You can reserve rooms for your guest who can't get back home the same day. During summer months you can decide to use a terrace and give a party at a castle or garden.

If you prepare your wedding reception at home, in a garden or a rented hall we can give you a recommendation to catering companies with a lot of experience that will serve both refreshment and cutlery sets, furniture, decoration, tablecloths and cleaning.

Wedding reception deserves a ceremony decoration, which can contain flower decorations, color matched napkins, wedding menu or small gifts for your guests.


The first romantic night for the newlyweds and accommodation for tired guests right there where the reception will take place. Options for accommodation depend on the actual place and the number of beds requested. Usually, the guests pay for the accommodation themselves. Depending on the situation and the couple's financial possibilities, these expenses can be paid by the couple or their parents. Therefore it is important to let your guests know what is the case.