Wedding Key / coordination

Turnkey wedding

means all-inclusive wedding services for your wedding. A team of professionals in Naïve salon has earned great references and they can guarantee smooth course of both preparations and the ceremony itself.

Preparation of your wedding can take 300-400 hours of planning and about 6 months to get everything ready. Taking this into account, you can easily believe it is better to use our professional services because "time is money" and good choice pays off in the form of everlasting pleasant memories and great acclaims of your happy guests.

Handing everything over to us is especially suitable for busy couples who decide to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime wedding day to the last moment

Planning your wedding day with the Naïve agency:

During your visit you tell us your demands and ideas. If you don't have any, our wedding coordinator will provide you with a professional consultation, makes you aware of every possible option and shows you our catalogue. When agreed, we fill our wedding form, prepare a design of your possible wedding ceremony and draw up a brief budget for the services of your choice. Subsequently, we cooperate with you by e-mail, phone and meetings during specific periods when we meet to consult the course of action and negotiate any changes. A visit to a wedding salon to arrange a turnkey wedding should take place half a year before the wedding but the preparations can be handled even in much shorter time.

First of all, think out a basic idea how your wedding should look:

  • set up the date and time of your ceremony
  • decide on your desired place to get married
  • determine what the decoration and style of your wedding should be