Flowers / Decorations

Flowers are a must for every wedding as they add marvelous atmosphere to your ceremony and deepen this unique experience and sense of taste.

A wedding bouquet crowns the flawless appearance of the bride. It should match not just the bride's dress but the overall style of the event. When choosing your bouquet, follow your favorite scent and color, describe our idea to us and we will be pleased to help you and prepare a beautiful wedding bouquet for you

Naïve agency has a ready-to-use catalog, containing plenty of interesting ideas, both traditional and original. We can prepare and realize the design of the whole decoration of your wedding ceremony.

- bouquet for the bride, flowers in bride's hair 
- corsage for groom's jacket
- smaller bouquets for mothers, witnesses, grandmothers
- myrtles, wreaths, flowers for bridesmaids
- decorations for outdoor ceremonies
- festive decorations for your wedding table and interior
- car decorations

Besides flower arrangements, we can offer the interior styling:

- white covers for chairs
- color matching ribbons
- colored voiles leading through the middle of the table
- candlesticks, small and big, candles
- table rental
- tablecloths and cloth napkins