Wedding ceremonies at Mikulov Chateau

Mikulov Chateau: a wedding ceremony for you

Mikulov Chateau is a baroque castle that dominates the town of Mikulov. It soars on the rocky hillock called Chateau Hill.

We can arrange your wedding ceremony at Chateau Mikulov in these places:

  • Chateau Park...4,900 Kč (EUR 200)
  • The Terrace...4,900 Kč (EUR 200)
  • Salla Terrena...4,900 Kč (EUR 200)
The wedding package contains:
  • arranging the documents
  • booking date and time of your wedding, arranging all necessary deals
  • decoration of the ceremony / 21x chairs, luxurious covers and ribbons, table, table cloth, voile, flower stands with roses, pillow
  • setting the stuff up and taking it apart